Open Access Policy

Jurnal Bisnis,  Manajemen, dan Ekonomi (JBME)  is an open access, peer-reviewed national journal dedicated to publishing in various fields related to education and teaching published by the Training & Research Institute Jeramba Ilmu Sukses (TRI-JIS).

With the support of an open access Article Processing Fee (APC), JBME allows authors to publish the final version of their paper on an open access basis, granting publication, direct and unrestricted access to the final version of the published paper.

It is available under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)  license. It also allows direct depositing of final versions published in other repositories without reusability restrictions. Furthermore, the JBME Journal does not have an embargo time and does not require users to register to read the contents of the journal. To ensure that an author's decision to pay APC to make their article publicly accessible does not affect an editor's or reviewer's decision about an article, authors submitting to JBME are not asked to confirm whether they are willing to publish their open access articles until after they are accepted. This will reassure the research community and funding agencies that all submitted articles go through the same (strict) editorial and peer review process, ensuring that the high standards that the scientific community expects from the JBME are maintained.